20100601(Masked Rider W forever A-Z Gaia Memory Destiny details)

All T1 Gaia Memories destroyed.
The 30 years anniversaries of Futo Tower, news shocks all Futo citizens.
The dopants which killed by Masked Rider W and Accel has been rebirth.
The Gaia memory A-Z is the cause of this matter.

Shotaro and Philip meet the investigators from International police. She is called Mary.
Mary tells them that T2 Gaia memory does not need a port. It is directly put into body.

Philip finds his mother face on Mary.
「NEVER」 wants to get all T2 memories back.
The leader of 「NEVER」 is 大道克己.
「NEVER」 wants to occupy Futo.

Shotaro takes action to prevent this happen.
Eternal memory is gotten by 大道克己.
The blue color of Masked Rider Eternal is the trace of the redevelopment.

T2 Gaia memory does not break even the user is lost.
Joker maximum drive can have to forms. One form is rider punch, the other one is rider kick.


20100531(Masked Rider W EP 31 Key Scence)

Bank X will come soon.
Ryubee wnats Wakana to become the owner of museum in the future. Wakana wants to leave the city with Philip. She is in trouble to work in Sonozaki Family and Windwave.

Saeko was hurt and Taboo memory was taken away by Mick(The Cat).

Watcherman was hurt by Hopper. Terui saved him.

Shroud told Terui the truth that the Museum gives the horrible to the city. Museum is the boss.

Philip wanted to search the data about Museum. However the data about Sonozaki is prohibited for Philip to search its file.

The brain doctor worked in Sonozaki family in the past. He invented Gaia memory and deleted the memory of Philip about famaily.

The story of Masked Rider W becomes tight. It is better than Decade at this stage. At least I can see the story will come to the end. Moreover the bug in Masked Rider W is little. The problem on Philip family becomes more clear after this episode. However I am afraid that when Riku Sanjo back. It is because he is the opener of Masked Rider W. Although Keiichi Hasegawa also one of his partner, it is more suitable for Riku Sanjo to end up the story. Riku Sanjo, please back.


20100530(Masked Rider 000)

This is the hottest news in this week. As the next masked rider become more clear, we show the processed data today. The transform belt uses the coins(I think) to transform. The belt has place to put in the coins. It can be maximum carry 3 coins. I think that the coins can be stored on the right side of the belt. The coins include the animals like tiger, bird and stag beetle. I hope that I can know who will write the masked rider 000 soon. It is because a good story needs a good writer.


20100529(SHF FANG JOKER & G3-X)

For the SHF news, the Masked Rider Double Fang-Joker and the G3-X has been arrived.
For the Fang Joker, the driver is in details , such as fang memory, driver, light. The accessories can let you to do shoulder fang, arm fang and maximum drive at the same time. There are 4 pairs of hand in the package.

For G3-X, You can find photos on http://www.flickr.com/photos/cstoys_photos/sets/72157624032992839/ The figure totally shows the same texture as TV one. The shinning armor and the eyes can prove that. Moreover the gun of G3-X can combine and can be folded like RISING IXA GUN. It the package, there are 3 pairs of hand and many weapons.

At last, there are some SHF news. Skull rider and Nazca exclusive items will be published.


Gaia Memory-Dopant Version. It includes 26 dopant sounds in one small Terror memory. The sound effects includes claydoll, terror, nazca, taboo, magma, arms, T-Rex.....
It can work with Masked Rider Double transform driver. For example Terror-Joker.
The main function of this memory is that you can demonstrate to become dopant by yourself. When the gaia memory port is pushed, transform sound will be given out.

The second thing today is the Gaia Memory-USB version for Taboo and Claydoll. The capacity of the memory has 2 GB in a box with 2 coat of gaia memories. It is the way that Bandai makes money from goods. When the Gaia Memory-Dopant Version toy compares with USB version, it is much bigger than USB one. However the case of USB version is much details than toy one. The coat of USB version is much beautiful. However the price of USB version is much expensive.

Thanks CStoys international for the news and demonstration video.

20100528(double ep 38 preview)

I find it from internet. I think that it comes from official website. It is because the end of preview likes the official video. It entitles with the broadcasting time at the end.

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20100527(Den-o 3 Episode Red Review and SHF exclusive Skull and Rising IXA feedback)

Today's the weekend ranking of films in Japan has been released.
仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー THE MOVIE 超・電王トリロジー EPISODE RED
ゼロのスタートウィンクル is on the second place at the first weekend. It is left behind .Someone in Japan watched the movie and give some main points for the movie. First of all, the den-liner is not under controlled because of the error ticket is used(2010.01.XX). The content of wish to the Imagine is about to save
Airi Nogami because the man love her. There is a small story about how yuto save Airi. It is imagine by Deneb (It must be very funny.)

For the SHF exclusive, it is worth to buy the Masked Rider Skull or Masked Rider IXA Rising Mode. The Lost driver of skull can be taken off. Moreover, there are many pairs of hand and 2 heads for you to make your dream posture. For the Rising IXA, the phone can folded even it is in gun mode or handheld mode. All parts in Rising IXA are made very well and nearly perfect in my view. For more details, you can watch the demonstrtion from CStoys:



20100526(Action Zero 2010 and other music news)

超電王トリロジー3 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK(26/5/2010)
1. イケイケタイトル (EPISODE RED)
2. 未来と過去の桜井 (EPISODE RED)
3. 侑斗の想い (EPISODE RED)
4. 弁士デネブ (EPISODE RED)
5. 優柔不断菊地 (EPISODE RED)
6. 超特急デンライナー (EPISODE RED)
7. 俺 参上 (EPISODE RED)
8. 爆走デンライナー (EPISODE RED)
9. ピギーズ乱戦 (EPISODE RED)
10. 俺たちの必殺技 (EPISODE RED)
11. 二人の未来 (EPISODE RED)
12. 妖艶マンティスイマジン (EPISODE BLUE)
13. 幸太郎とテディの想い (EPISODE BLUE)
14. 幸太郎とテディの絆 (EPISODE BLUE)
15. 祖母への想い (EPISODE BLUE)
16. 孫と祖母の絆 (EPISODE BLUE)
17. 謎の侵入者 (EPISODE BLUE)
18. イマジンの計画 (EPISODE BLUE)
19. マンティスの戦い (EPISODE BLUE)
20. 絶対不利 (EPISODE BLUE)
21. テディ消滅 (EPISODE BLUE)
22. 怪盗 大樹 (EPISODE YELLOW)
24. 契約者 大樹 (EPISODE YELLOW)
25. 大ダイビング (EPISODE YELLOW)
26. 手紙の意味 (EPISODE YELLOW)
27. 二人のディエンド (EPISODE YELLOW)
28. 時間警察 イブ (EPISODE YELLOW)
30. 共戦 必殺技 (EPISODE YELLOW)
32. Action-ZERO 2010 (Movie edit.) (THEME SONG)
33. Double-Action Strike form (Movie edit.) (THEME SONG)
34. Climax-Action (Movie edit.) (THEME SONG)

Action-ZERO 2010 [Single] [Limited Edition] [Maxi](26/5/2010)

1. Action-ZERO 2010
2. Action-ZERO 2010 (侑斗 solo edit.)
3. Action-ZERO 2010 (デネブ solo edit.)
4. Action-ZERO 2010 (instrumental)

見つめる度 僕らはナゼか

曇りのない 願いだけが
まだ終わらない メロディが

強く想い 強く願う
そうすれば いつかはきっと…
叶うさ Action-ZERO
強く光る 星に願う
ねぇ君は 覚えている?
見上げていた Vega%26Altair
いつかの Action-ZERO

切ないけど 交わす約束

光り尽きて 流れてゆく
落ちて行く場所 その場所で

強く、心 強く叫ぶ
信じてる いつかはきっと…
離れてても Vega%26Altair
かならず Action-ZERO
強く、心 惹かれるのに

懐かしい 未来のよう いつかは
We'll be together again

強く想い 強く願う
そうすれば いつかはきっと…
叶うさ Action-ZERO
強く光る 星に願う
ねぇ君は 覚えている?
見上げていた Vega%26Altair
いつかの Action-ZERO

強く想い 強く願う…

言っておく かなり強いぜ…

Nagai toki wo kakete koko ni
Tadoritsuita hoshi no hikari
Mitsumeru tabi Bokura wa naze ka
Mukuchi ni naru

Kumori no nai Negai dake ga
Hoshizora ni terasare
Mada owaranai merodi ga
Kokoro ni hibikidasu

Tsuyoku omoi Tsuyoku negau
Sou sureba Itsuka wa kitto…
Ima wa tooi Vega&Altair
Kanau sa Action-ZERO
Tsuyoku hikaru Hoshi ni negau
Nee kimi wa Oboeteiru?
Miageteita Vega&Altair
Itsuka no Action-ZERO

Ichinen ni tatta ichinichi
Aeru toiu otogibanashi
Setsunai kedo Kawasu yakusoku
Dekiru no nara

Hikari tsukite Nagarete yuku
Unmei da toshite mo
Ochite yuku basho Sono basho de
Kimi wo mimamoritai

Tsuyoku, kokoro Tsuyoku sakebu
Shinjiteru Itsuka wa kitto…
Hanarete temo Vega&Altair
Kanarazu Action-ZERO
Tsuyoku, kokoro Hikareru noni
Nee kimi ni… Sou kimi dake ni
Surechigatta Vega&Altair
Doushite? Action-ZERO

Yozora kagayaku hoshitachi
Nani mo kawaranai no nara
Natsukashii Mirai no you Itsuka wa
We'll be together again

Tsuyoku omoi tsuyoku negau
Sou sureba Itsuka wa kitto…
Ima wa chigai Vega&Altair
Kanau sa Action-ZERO
Tsuyoku hikaru Hoshi ni negau
Nee kimi wa Oboeteiru?
Miageteita Vega&Altair
Itsuka no Action-ZERO

Tsuyoku omoi Tsuyoku negau…

Itte oku Kanari tsuyoi ze…

Double-Action Strike form(仮) [Single] [Limited Edition] [Maxi](9/6/2010)

(Unknown track)

Climax-Action~the 電王 History~(仮) [Single] [Limited Edition] [Maxi]

(Unknown Track)


20100525(Den-o Train?!)

It is quite excited for seeing this kind of train. If I were in Japan, I must take this special train. However this kind of train does not presence in the place that I live. Even it is broadcasting the Den-o TV here. I hope that Den-o can become more international. For instance the movie can be on cinema at the same time as Japan. I hope I can see it in the cinema but not in my home by watching DVD.

20100524(Masked Rider W Movie News from Magazine)

Masked Rider W Movie News from Magazine. Masked Rider Eternal news. Gaia Memory Monster news. What is the special of Red Nazca? Today's news will tell you.

20100523(Masked Rider W movie News! The Key scene of trailer)

Masked Rider W movie. The Eternal, Joker, Nazca, Lost drive.

20100521(Kamen Rider W Accel Trial Toys News)

Kamen Rider W, the Accel Trial Toys News. It is from CStoys International. Thanks MR.S. For more details, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWchqqFyMlQ

20100520(Masked Rider W Movie the newest news)

The more details about the Masked Rider W movie on 7th of August.

Masked Rider News(20100519)

Animation News about Kamen Rider Eternal and the lost drive. Kamen rider W movie on 7th August.

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