For the installation, please refer to the last version. Basically, after unzipping the file, you can find the setup.exe. Clicking it will lead you to install the software.

OOO Henshin Simulator 2.2.0 is a small update version. All normal combo are included in this software. BuraKaWani Combo Pictures are updated. You can fully enjoy the henshin process by downloading this software.
BuraKaWani Combo Sound Quality
BuraKaWani Core Medals Used

20110405(Release Note: OOO Henshin 2.0.5 simulator Putotyra!)

Exclusive item: Putotyra Combo Core Medals (300x300)

Masked Rider OOO Henshin Simulator 2.0.5

Masked Rider Henshin simulator has a long time without changes and update. This month, Masked Rider News Workshop is started to update this simulator. The major change is for Putotyra combo as more and more high definition pictures come out recently. For Tajyadol and Shauta combo image, there are some little changes. Here is the list for the changes on the simulator.

Same as before, new Core Medals images are included as exclusive items.

Masked Rider OOO Henshin Simulator 2.0.5 New Features and Changes
Sound Change
Shauta Combo

Middle Part Image
Tajyadol (Change)
Shauta (Change)

Core Medals Image
Pterodactyl, Tricetops and Tyrannosaurus Rex

20110202(Release:Masked Rider Birth Cell Buster Game 1.0.0)
It is quite a long time after I finished this game. It is the first game that Masked Rider News Workshop developed. Hope you like it. In order to thanks for your support, 3 cell medals will be included.
Help menu
After unzipping the file, you will see the following folders and items. If you want to play the game, you should choose the BirthBuster1.0.0. It is a html file. When you double click it, a browser will be opened. For “Special_Item” Folder, it is the special gift included to thanks for your support. Hope you like it.
1. Click the Masked Rider Birth Head to start the game
2. The number of Yummy which you have eliminated.
3. The number of Greed which you have eliminated.
4. You need to click the Yummy in order to kill him. If you fail, 1 bullet is needed. If you missed without clicking the Yummy, you need to waste one bullet. If you success, 2 bullets will be added to “5”
5. The maximum number of bullets is 9.
6. If you want to kill the Greed, the only way is to activate the cell burst mode. You need to use your mouse to scroll the front hand. Then Lock on mode will be appeared. After full charge, you need to click the Greed and it will be shot.
After killing the Greed, 5 bullets will be used and you need to collect the bullets again.
7.After activating cell burst, you need to click the cell medal button to continue the game.
20110114(Masked Rider Birth Driver Simulator 1.0.0 Web Version!)
Now, you do not need to download the software. If your computer has installed the latest version of silverlight, you can play the Masked Rider Birth Driver Online!


For more basic information about the applications, you can relate to the computer based version:

20110101(Happy New Year! Release: Masked Rider Birth Henshin Simulator)
Happy New Year to all Readers!

After Masked Rider OOO Henshin Simulator, Masked Rider News Workshop has developed a new Henshin Simulator. As the trailer mentioned yesterday, it is for Masked Rider Birth. As time is limited. The 1.0.0 version doesn't have any New Core Medal Symbols. We use the back back side of cell medal to replace it. However, this Simulator has more user-friendly functions and more likely to the Henshin Driver in TV.

The screen, which is like the Masked Rider Birth used to choose weapons in TV, will be appeared after scrolling the trigger with one cell medal is added. When you keep scrolling, the cell medal symbol in the screen will rotate. In different position, different weapon sounds or henshin sound will be played.

Breast Cannon
Drill Arm
Crane Arm
Escavator Arm
Caterpillar Leg
Cutter Wing
Henshin Sound
Cell Burst

Download the file and unzip it. Open the "MaskedRiderBirthHenshin1.0.0.html".

Please make sure you have installed the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight in your computer!

Hope you enjoy it and have a Happy New Year.

Download Link:

20101223(Masked Rider OOO Henshin Simulator 2.0.3 Change on sound and Graphics)
All the information is typed by Masked(Kamen) Rider News. If you want to quote the informations which are appeared in the news, you should quote" It is from Masked(Kamen) Rider News,

Ratoratah, Gatakiriba, Sagozo and Tatoba Combo sound has been changed to a higher quality version. It is the sound extracted from Climax Hero OOO.

For the graphics, Tajadoru Combo has been redrawn. Moreover, the Kujaku Core Medals is changed because there is a large difference between the real one and the original one by Masked Rider News Workshop.

2 specail Core Medals are included in the zip file. Merry Christmas!

20101126(Masked Rider OOO Henshin Simulator 2.0.0 Release! By Masked Rider News & Workshop)
Before downloading the software, please upgrasde your .Net framework into the newest version.

New features
The newest OOO henshin Simulator are included up to 21 Core Medals sounds.
-Taka, Kondoru, Kujaku, Kuwagata, Kamikiri, Batta, Lion, Tora, Cheetah, Sai, Gorilla, Zou, Shachi, Unagi, Tako, Putera, Torikera, Tirano, Kobura, Kame, Wani

Specific combo will have different animation(Combo Image!) and sound!
-e.g. Tatoba, Ratoratah, Gatakiriba, TaJaDoru and......

When you scan twice using the OOO scanner, "SCANNING A CHARGE!!!" will be activated.

The newest OOO henshin Simulator are included up to 15 Core Medals Image (All are drew by Masked Rider News Workshop Team!).
-Taka, Kondoru, Kujaku, Kuwagata, Kamikiri, Batta, Lion, Tora, Cheetah, Sai, Gorilla, Zou, Shachi, Unagi, Tako

The scanner is relocated from verticle to horizontal.

Water combo Core Medals Images are packed with the software as a gift!!!

Demonstration video:

20101004(Announcement: Change on Masked Rider OOO Henshin Drive Simulator)
All the information is typed by Masked(Kamen) Rider News. If you want to quote the informations which are appeared in the news, you should quote" It is from Masked(Kamen) Rider News,

We are sorry about one of the medal picture is wrong. The picture which has problem is the Lion Core Medal. I have found some of the advertisement on the new medal. The design of the Lion medal is different from mine. It is because of the low quality image of the medal I got before. For the Sagozo Combo, there is no big difference until now. The software is newly compiled and the new Lion Core Medal Picture has been zipped with the same file. You can share it to your friends. Last, we are very sorry about making this mistake.

By Masked Rider News Workshop

20100925(Masked Rider OOO Henshin Driver Simulator By Masked Rider News)
This is the first program created by Masked Rider News Workshop Team. The name of the program is OOOhenshin. You can hear the special sound effect for some of the medals combination. You can download the program from the link below. Hope you enjoy it. If you have any problems or comments, feel free the leave the comment below.

The Core medals include:


Demonstration video:

20100820(Masked Rider OOO/Os O-medals By M.R.News-Workshop)
As Masked Rider Os is coming, Masked Rider News-Workshop work hard on drawing the O-medals. Finally, we drew 10 O-medals and some symbols. However we would like to share this pictures time by time. Therefore, it is Part 1 for the Masked Rider Os Drawings. The O-medals are included the O-medals used in following forms:
TakaKiriBa(Taka・Kamakiri・ Batta)
GataToraBa(Kuwagata・Tora・ Batta)
RaKiriBa(Lion・Kamakiri・ Batta)
RaKiriItah(Lion・Kamakiri・ Cheetah)

Moreover, in the zip folder, there are 2 special gift for all of you.

Please Read It Before Download!
If you want to post the drawings in other forum, you can use the pictures in "Share" Folder and post this 
"All the works is by Masked Rider News- Workshop,". Thank You.

Please Read It Before Download!
All the works share here can be shared or posted to other website. However you should respect to our hard-work. You can re-upload the file which is zipped by us. But you can't just share one of the picture(Posting in your video is not prohibited) or music in the file(s). If you want to share our works to other people, you can only share the zipped file. The most simplest way is using the link provided by us. However, some of the countries can not visit this website. Therefore you can re-upload the zipped file by yourself.

Please copy the followings when you share in other website(s)[P.S You can translate the message into different language by yourself]
"All the works is by Masked Rider News-Workshop,"
Masked Rider Os O-medal (Coming soon!)

Masked Rider Ouz Logo Sample
Download whole set of photo without watermark.

Latest product by Masked Rider News