20100701(Nobody's Perfect and Masked Rider OOO/Ouz Henshi Coin Symbols)

Nobody's Perfect
All of the 3 songs in the Nobody's Perfect music CD is good. I like all the songs. This is the new music style between all Masked Rider W song. Among 3 of the songs, I like the Nobody's Perfect (Hard Boiled JAZZ Edit.) most. Why? It is because the perfect match of the musical instrument shows the hard boiled style. What is the hard boiled style? You should first read the books which are written by Raymond Chandler . I recommend you to read "The Long Good Bye" because it was appeared in the Begin's Night Movie. Overall, it is worth for you to buy and listen to the song. If you read the lyrics of this song, you can find out different views of our life.

Nobody's Perfect鳴海荘吉 (Cv: 吉川晃司)鳴海荘吉 (Cv: 吉川晃司)

Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfect (Hard Boiled JAZZ Edit.)
Nobody's Perfect (Instrumental)

Masked Rider OOO/Ouz Henshi Coin Symbols
It is made by Masked Rider News-Workshop Team. Hope you like it.
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20100630(Masked Rider OOO/Ozu Staff and Storyline News)

Masked Rider OOO/Ozu Storyline, Staff, and 2nd Rider


"I don't want anything, and I don't attach to much importance to anything"

Such a man obtained the Rider's power. Before long, something will change in him.

Kamen Rider OOO is the 12th Hesei Work, succeeding Kamen Rider W. The title is arranged with "3 O's", but is read as "Ozu".

Ozu will scramble for the 3 types of Medals which allow him to transform. It is said that when the medals are found, the "Fukusuu no Ou" (The Plural King) will appear.

This time, our hero is a man who has no dreams, no work, and no family. However, he does not attach importance to such things, and so he is not really unhappy.

The enemy are 5 different animal groups, who have existed since an unknown time. Their bodies incomplete, they search for the Medals too to complete their form. These Kaijin feed off of human lust, and now, have begun physically attacking human beings as well.

A mystery man, apparently from one of the 5 groups, is the one who gives our hero his belt. Ozu himself must collect these medals to gain new powers.

More over, a mysterious corporation seems to be backing Ozu in his quest. However, their true intentions are unknown. It is in these mysterious conditions that our hero must fight.

For the first time he will "feel alive" by fighting.


Original Creator: Ishinomori Shotaro

Writer: Kobayashi Yasuko

Directors: Tasaki Ryuta, Shibasaki Takayuki, and others

Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi (Japan Action Enterprise)

SFX Supervisor: Butsuda Hiroshi (Special Effects Laboratory)

Creature Design: Izubuchi Yutaka, Shinohara Tamotsu

Producers: Motoi Kengo (TV Asahi), Takebe Naomi and Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toei)

On the rumor front, the 2nd rider, named Wozu/Wars, seems to be sea themed.

Thanks to ca3blog and dukemon22 at http://tokuinsider.blogspot.com/

20100629(Masked Rider SHF News)

From the photo, quality of Diend Complete form is same as the Decade Complete Form. All the cards can be see clearly. Moreover the symbol in K-Touch Diend version can see by yourself. For the Masked Rider Skull Motorcycle, Masked Rider Skull can sit on it and make different post.

SHF Masked Rider Accel and W Xtreme Form will be released on late July and August respectively. Prism Breaker, Xtreme Belt or even the leg, all parts of the figure are painted well. However will the Gaia memories include in the goods?

Masked Rider Joker Form will be an exclusive one for Tamashii Festival which will be be held on 7th to 8 th July. It costs 3000 Japanese dollar for the figure.

Ranking: Masked Rider Den-o Trilogy Episode Yellow stays at Rank 2 after this weekend.


20100627(Name of the T2 Gaia Memories A~Z)

Name of the 26 Gaia Memories

Most of the name there have been appeared on TV Episode. Will all the face for the unknown one appear on TV episode? Who develop these T2 Gaia memories? I can't wait for the next news.


20100626-Breaking News(Masked Rider W EP 41 Preview)

Why Wakana can go into Gaia Library? Is the power of the Museum?
Trial VS Nazca again.
Shotaro fight with woman.

20100626(Masked Rider Decade-Violent Emotion SH Figure)

Masked Rider Ddecade violent emotion form has been released. The head can be change to normal by yourslf. From some feedbacks said that the new decade head is much better than the old one.

Kuuga Rising Mighty can be ordered now for Tamashii Web Store Exclusive. It costs 3000 Japanese Dollars. The box for the figure is quite good.


20100625(Masked Rider W JAVA Emulator)

That's not the official version. I find it on Youtube. In the software, you can demonstrate the transformation of Masked Rider W by yourself. By clicking the right button, you can change the memory including Xtreme and Fang Joker. Although the sound and the image quality is not perfect(lack of animation), it is worth for you to try it because it is free!



20100624(Nobody's Perfect and Climax-Action ~the 電王 History~)

The PV is a case. At first Philip found a book call Nobody's Perfect. When he opened it, the music start playing and begin to recall the memory of Sokichi Narumi. In this case, he needed to find a girl. In the process, he needed to fight against the Masquerade and Terror. Master is very strong, he can knock down masquerade by his hand without transforming into Masked Rider Skull. At last he transformed to Skull to rescue the girl.

I think this CD is at a high quality. Not like the other Masked Rider CD, it includes a story but not just singing and dancing. If you like it, why don't buy one?

Climax-Action ~the 電王 History~
Although the song is mixed by all of the Double Action and Climax Jump For You, it is quite a good song. It is well mixed. Because of the new melody, the melody difference between Climax Jump and Double Action does not cause problem. It is worth for you to listen to this "NEW" song.

1. Climax-Action ~The 電王 History~ 2. Treasure sniper 3. Climax-Action ~The 電王 History~ (instrumental) 4. Treasure sniper (instrumental)

仮面ライダー電王 超・CD-BOX [CD+DVD, Limited Edition]

20100623(2010 Autumn Masked Rider-000 in Masked Rider W Movie)

Today the news for the next Masked Rider has been released. It is same as the rumor said. It is called Masked Rider 000. The symbol is quite easy to draw. It seems like 3 "0" overlap.

The transform belt has 3 coins inside. In my opinion, it will give different sound or light effect according to different kinds of inputting method. It has weapons, including claws and sword.

According to the TV magazine, Masked Rider 000 will be appear in the Masked Rider W movie-Forever Gaia Memory Destiny. If the picture is true, W will collaborate with 000 to fight against luna Dopant(Why not Masked Rider Eternal?).
Also, we can see that Joker fight against masquerade from the TV magazine. The lost driver that Shotaro used in movie is from his master-Sokichi Narumi.
Why Queen and Elizabeth have Gaia Memory?
Terui love Akiko. Is that true?
The next 3 dopant ClayDoll Xtreme, Jewellery and...

At last....................


20100622(Masked Rider W Ep. 40-42 News)

6/27 Masked Rider W EP.40
Akiko helps Toru Kawai (Gene) to take a film. However the appear of Wakana obstruct them. Akiko wants to open up his heart and keep on taking the film.

7/4 Masked Rider W Ep.41
Shotaro is called to police station by Ryu. They go to the private meeting room to talk with Mikio Jinno. Mikio Jinno met a girl on the street and let her became a Diamond Thief. Mikio Jinno said that he was fallen into a trap. Thus Shotaro and Philip go to investigate the case.

7/11 Masked Rider W Ep.42
In jail, Mikio Jinno remembers the face of the female thief. Before that, the thief and her partner did the things that rogue does. At that time, Mikio Jinn....


20100621(Masked Rider Music News)


ANOTHER WORLD (KIT solo edit.)
ANOTHER WORLD (LEN solo edit.)
ANOTHER WORLD (instrumental)

Climax-Action ~the 電王 History~

Climax-Action ~The 電王 History~
Treasure sniper
Climax-Action ~The 電王 History~ (instrumental)
Treasure sniper (instrumental)

Xtreme Dreams(Full sample video) By Mr.Dreamixer
Labor Day (レイバーデイ)

Movie Ranking
RANK 2 仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー×仮面ライダーTHE MOVIE 超・電王トリロジーEPISODE YELLOW お宝DEエンド・パイレーツ


20100620(Masked Rider W A-Z Gaia memory destiny trailer 2)

In the trailer, there are few main points:
The "NEVER" which is a mysterious terrorist organization has 5 members.
-A girl and four man
-The T2 gaia memories that they use are Cyclone,Heat,Luna,Trigger,Metal and Eternal


20100618 (WFC Cyclone Joker Xtreme)

For the prism breaker, it can be combined with prism sword. However it is not full of color. The memory sockets only painted with back and white color instead of gold color.

For the whole figure, it can be changed into cyclone-joker form or Xtreme form. You can change the head by opening the back side of the figure and rotate the heads. For the chest, you can be turned over to change the cyclone joker form chest or xtreme chest. However the shoulder can not be changed. It must be always in Xtreme form. You may need to aware of the leg when you change into different forms because you will be making mistake when rotate the leg and cause form change wrong.

For more demonstrtion on the figure, video has been taken by the CStoys International.


20100614(Den-o 3 Episode Blue Ranking)

Ranking Detail
今週 先週 作品名 配給会社 公開週
1 1 告白 東宝 2
2 NEW アイアンマン2 パラマウント 1
3 3 セックス・アンド・ザ・シティ2 ワーナー 2
4 NEW アウトレイジ ワーナー/ オフィス 北野 1
5 2 仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー THE MOVIE 超・電王トリロジー EPISODE BLUE 派遣イマジンはNEWトラル 東映 2


20100613(Labor Day Extreme Dream + Lost(Etrernal) Drive Release Day Confirmed)

LaborDay - Extreme Dream
It is the second song sung by Labor Day. Among Labor Day, Galveston 19 and Florida Keys which is the Key singner of Cyclone Effect, Free Your Heat and Finger On The Trigger I like Labor Day most. It is not only that I like Cyclone Joker Form. Also I like her voice. I can feel passion from the song. It is important for a battle background music because the battle usually full of passion.
For this song, it will be the theme song for Cyclone-Joker Xtreme. I am very enthusiastic about this song Extreme Dream.

Lost Drive Release Day Confirmed
This driver will be released in August. Eternal memory will be also included. From the photo below, you can see that the most difference between W Driver and Lost Driver is that Lost Driver only has one side instead of both. You can demonstrate the transformation of Masked Rider Skull(if you have skull memory), Masked Rider W Joker form(if you have Joker memory) or Masked Rider Eternal. It costs $5040 in Japan.

バンダイ 劇場版仮面ライダーW(ダブル) 変身ベルト DXロストドライバー (仮)
特別価格 5,040円
メーカー バンダイ
発売日 10年08月上旬
原作名 仮面ライダーW
8月発売予定 ※未発売・予約品

20100611(S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider KUUGA Ultimate Form )

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider KUUGA Ultimate Form has been released. This may be a disaster news for some people. The selling of this figure is the start of the Kuuga SHF series. More and more Kuuga SHF figures in different forms will be release soon. If you buy all of them, it will cost a large amount of money.

Let's take a review on this figure. The transform belt of this figure is in details. Expecially for the centre of the belt, it is transparent. Ypu can see the things inside the belt. For the hold figure, the armour is quite plastic texture. It likes the Kuuga in TV. Some of the Kuuga fans may like the metal texture instead of plastic. For the head of this figure, the face of the figure can be changed. The face of the figure is mask. When you put off the mask, you will see the horrible face. How horrible it is? You can find it in the video captured by CSToys ionternational below.

Price:4365 Japanese Dollars.


20100610(Creativity for Japanese and Masked Rider W SPECIAL DVD)

In the above video from CStoys International, you can find out that the Mr. Takafumi Okimoto made a Dopant port on Mr.S hand. It is not virtual, it is REAL! However it will disappear after 2-3 days. You don;t need to worry about it will be on your skin forever. They can follow the trend to produce some products.
To get contact with him, call 81-090-5915-2010 for your appointment. And he is working on his website soon. Try and google "art. Zero" and "Okimoto" and "Mtsuyama".

In Japan, many products use Masked Rider as the decorationfor the package. From CSToys international, some drinks which can be bought through vending machine are packed by the Masked Rider Picture. One of this kind of drinks is Masked Rider Stronger Style. The information is printed on the package is about Masked Rider Stronger who was fought agaist blacksun. Inside the can is a carbonic acid drink. The second version of this kind of drink has been released.

For this kind of drink, it shows the creativity of Japanese people. They can make use of the popularity of Masked Rider to enhance the attraction of the drink. I hope that I can see im my living place in the future.

For this year special Masked Rider W DVD which is produced by TV magazine, it is about the Japanese Food Cooking Competition.

Latest product by Masked Rider News

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