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Some people in Japan watched the Masked Rider W Forever A-Z Fate of Gaia Memory. They left some text detail about it. The followings are translated by me. If you want to share it, please add this in your post:
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Never wanted to steal all T2 Gaia Memories. As the people in helicopter didn't want them to steal all the memories. They exposed the helicopter. Thus the T2 Gaia Memories were fell on the ground.

The ceiling of detective office was leaking of water and a T2 Joker Memory fell through the leak hole. When Shotaro was alone in the office, Skull came out. Skull gave the Lost Driver to Shotaro without saying anything. Then Skull disappeared suddenly.

After having the Lost Driver, Heat Dopant attacked the office. Heat Dopant said that the people and memory that she wanted are attracted each other. Thus Shotaro remembered the T2 Joker Memory and the Lost Driver. He told Heat Dopant that Joker was on my hand. Then he transformed into Masked Rider Joker.

The Joker Maximum Driver has 2 version. One is Rider Kick, the other one is Rider Punch. Rider Punch was used to fight with Metal Dopant. Also the way for using rider punch likes bocing. For the rider kick, it is used to fight the Heat Dopant. (I think it is the one we saw in the Movie Trailer.)

Accel fought with Nazca and the Weather which were transformed by normal people. Also Accel used Engine Blade and motorcycle transformation to fight down them.

Maria is the mother of Katsumi Daido. Moreover she also the Cyclone Dopant. She closed to Philip because she wanted Philip mixed up Shroud and her. She kidnapped Philip in Futo Tower by using this. The aim of Daido is to let all the people became ghost. Thus he needed Philip to edit the system-EX-PICKER. The circle thing in the system was connected with 26 T2 Gaia Memories.

Shotaro and Terui wanted to save Philip. Therefore they fought with Luna and Trigger Dopant. In the fight between W and Luna, a Red O-medal was rolled beside W. Masked Rider W picked up the O-medal and he met the Eiji Hino. Eiji Hino trnasformed to Masked Rider Os by putting the O-medals in its belt and scan it. Os picked up its weapon and put 3 O-medals in it. Os slashed and killed Luna Dopant. Maria didn't want to see Philip in painful and helped Shotaro to save him.

In the final battle between W and Eternal. As all the people in Futo wanted to fight down Eternal. A special wind blew that cause W can transformed to CJGX(Cyclone Joker Gold Xtreme). The background music was WBX-W boiled Extreme. However this form was cancelled after attacking by Eternal Maximum Drive. But Masked Rider still can fight down Masked Rider Eternal by using CJX.

It is confirmed that Masked Rider W and Os will be again on cinema during winter.
The story for Never is posted on the Hero Max Magazine

Eternal Toy video

CD cover for W.

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